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The Global Care Token was created to care people and the future.

It is defined as the NGOs token, since it aims to be a network that groups together NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and NGODs (non-governmental organizations for development). A network that brings together organizations from various fields, national, international and local; giving our support to their activities and actions.

We take care of the most disadvantaged people, through actions selected by our owners.

We take care of our people (houlders), through static rewards.

We take care of the future, through ecological actions, reducing the CO2 footprint, among others.

The Global Care Token (GLCare) supports the development and functioning of the people mission through transactional fees coded in its smart contract.

Currently, the contract employs: Static Rewards and Liquidity Pool Provisioning. The total current transactional tax is 6%, as broken down in the following sections.

Global Care encourages holding by reducing the total supply of tokens over time, while creating increased demand for the utility token through the development of a highly functional and incentivizing donations, and the formation of partnerships to facilitate greater distribution.




Holders of GLCare currently earn additional utility tokens. Every movement of tokens from one wallet to another, TWO (2%) percent of the transactional amount is taxed and distributed to every holder. These rewards earned are directly deposited in the holders’ wallets, without any setup or additional process involved. Higher transaction volume increases static rewards for holders and charity.


The portion of each buy and sell transaction that is allocated to charity from charities to fund their initiatives. To compensate for this selling pressure, every month the 5% of tokens will be burned (200 millions since August 2023), so progressively up to 50% of the total. This deflationary process incentivizes holding by directly reducing supply and increasing value per token, all variables held equal.


To reduce excessive volatility, a 4% fee is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

Automatic liquidity provisioning is a built-in feature that creates a cushion, or floor price, to manage volatility and price drops. Similar to the static rewards and charity function, token contract automatically removes a percentage from each buy and sell transaction to inflate the liquidity pool (LP), thereby creating stability and reducing arbitrage opportunities.

IN SUMMARY, Global Care Token slows token velocity through:

1.    Static Rewards.

2.    Locking up Dev Team Tokens and Liquidity generated.

3.    Token burn after each milestone reached with holders. (5% for every 500 holders).


We are committed to the transparency and security of the protocol in its development.

Contract developer portfolios available.

Information about the available charity wallet.

Charity receipts available.

Developer tokens are locked for a predetermined time period and will be unlocked according to the time horizon and milestones set in our detailed Road Map. Future agreements made by the team may alter this Road Map.


Proof of Burn available.

Burned tokens will be sent to Burn Address and are irretrievable.

Smart Contract audit. Results available.

Email with any questions.

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