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Road Map

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logo redondo.png

Q1 2022

Idea created by Founding members.

Create Governance-Enabled Token.

Global Care Branding & Logo design.

Website development.

Expansion & Integration of Social Media.

Token Listed on PancakeSwap, Trust Wallet.

Implantation of the whale control system.

Passed Audit.

First 500 trees planted

1st Charity Donations.

Q2 2022

1.000 Holders

1.000 trees planted

1st Burn


Create of the general network.

Development of new social projects.

Coingecko Listings.

CoinMarketCap Listings.

Social Campaign Launch.

Contact youtubers & influencers

Charity Donations.

Q3 2022

Enhanced Marketing Campaign.


Collaboration with social projects.

Large Charity Partnerships.

Initiation of Social Actions.

Exchange Listings.

Study of including GLCare in metaverse.

Study and launch Staking GLCare

Design of our game, play and earn.

Charity Donations.

Q4 2022

Network consolidation.

Exchange Listings & Increased Liquidity.

NFT Marketplace Development

Merchandasing development

Introduce GLCare in OVR metaverse

Launching of our game, play and earn.

Charity Donations.

Goals for 2023

- Merchandising launch.

- 3rd Round Staking.

- Modification of purchase and sale rates.

- Launch of new business model

- Development of the Globalswap
solidarity exchange.

- Web 3.0 development and migration.

- Search for financing on the crowdfunding platform,
to increase liquidity and list on main exchanges.

- Marketing and promo in crypto world magazines.

- Development and launch of new "play and earn"
games more accessible to the public.

- Acquisition of our own land for the creation
of a personalized forest for the owners.

- Acquisition of small premises to rent and distribution of dividends among the holders.

- Direct and face-to-face collaborations with NGOs.

- Resignation of the contract by the team.

- Collaborations with other crypto projects. 


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